AIM was developed out of a need to 'Teach the Way Students Learn'.

In 1988 Wendy Maxwell started her career as a French teacher – inspired to share her passion for language with her students. But after several years Wendy became frustrated to see, that by using the conventional method of language instruction, her students were not becoming proficient in the target language. And that’s when it hit her:

If students weren’t learning the way they were being taught, she had to teach the way they learned...

Wendy created a list of the students’ most frequently used words and expressions. She used this ‘pared-down language’ to develop plays, songs and stories that the students participated in, and worked on, collaboratively. This resulted in higher student engagement, reduced anxiety, as well as a more sophisticated level of response – right from day-one.

Next, simple gestures were attached to each word in the pared-down-language. Her teaching was now multi-sensory.  Students were simultaneously listening, seeing, reading, writing, speaking and ‘doing’ the target language. This was the beginning of the Accelerative Integrated Method!

AIM brings true transformation to the experience of teaching and learning languages.  Authentic learning is achieved through scaffolding techniques developed to systematically build on student’s progress. Being a part of a ‘learning community’ which emphasizes collaboration makes students feel comfortable to express themselves in the target language from the first lesson. They learn vocabulary through visual, auditory and kinesthetic tools.  They participate in all activities in the target language based on literature and drama and they learn to think and write creatively, while practicing oral communication.

In 2004, AIM Language Learning officially launched. In the 20 years since, AIM has had many achievements, and has been transforming classrooms all over the world!

Wendy Maxwell's Recognition and Awards:

Wendy Maxwell FWTAO Writers Award 1986;
Bishop Strachan Teaching Excellence Award 1999;
Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching 1999;
H.H. Stern Award for Innovation in Second Languages 2004

AIM Language Learning Awards:

North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award: Innovation 2015;
BC Export Awards Finalist: Professional Services Category 2015

Meet the team

Wendy Maxwell

AIM Creator

Edite Sammons

Chief Curriculum Consultant B.A., B.ED.

Kathy Poitras

Customer Service

Taylor Iwaniuk

Senior Sales Representative

Sandra Dominelli


Jessie Fang


AIM Certified Teachers

This is the highest level of training that we offer.  You will have the skills and knowledge necessary to take your students to an even higher level of proficiency. Many of the teachers below have been, or are currently AIM facilitators.

Alexandra Simsilevich

– Brampton, Ont., Canada

Amy Holodinsky

– Tantallon, NS, Canada

Anick Poulin

– Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Ann Chiasson

– Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Beth Hill

– Fonthill, Canada

Carolina Neva

– Trinidad and Tobago

Carole Rivoire

– Berlin, Germany

Catherine Gillion

– Langley, BC, Canada

Céline Foucher

– Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cheryl Roper

– Washington, USA

Colette Gauthier-Carr

– Anchorage, Alaska USA

Cynthia Pretorius

– Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada

Dalia Besasparis

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Dan Bart

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Diny Vervoort

– Meijel, Netherlands

Dona-Ruth Beyer

– Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Edite Sammons

– ON, Canada

Emma Tilbury

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Ester Reiquam

– Seattle, Washington USA

Iegte de Jong

– Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Jacqueline Kelly

– ON, Canada

Janny Spreen

– Stadskanaal, Netherlands

Jen(nifer) Jinks

– Welland, ON, Canada

Jennifer Bairos

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Jennifer McKinney

– Melbourne, Vic. Australia

Joëlle Rudick

– Ottawa, ON, Canada

Karen Oraas

– Canada

Kathy Kurbis

– Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Kem Opperman-Torres

– Louisiana, USA

Kerry Hooton

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Kevin Wenkoff

– Verona, ON, Canada

Kristi (Krupa) Griffith

– Las Vegas, NV USA

Kristopher Morehead

– Springfield, MO USA

Kylie Weightman

– Victoria, Australia

Laurie Faber

– Alberta, Canada

Leslie French

– ON, Canada

Lisa Shurtz

– Berkeley, CA, USA

Lori Carson-Loveless

– Moncton, NB, Canada

Lisa Venne

–Brantford, ON, Canada

Lori Pella

– King City, ON, Canada

Magali Forte

– Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mardi Michels

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Margaret Kohler

–Toledo, Ohio, USA

Margaret Fuary

– Australia

Mary Kay Beck

– Louisiana, USA

Maryse West

– North Ridgeville, OH, USA

Meghan Schumacher

– Washington, USA

Monique Terrillon

– W. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Natacha Roudeix

– North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pauline Galea

– Brooklin, ON, Canada

Pauline Vis

– Amsterdam, Netherlands

Renée Villeneuve

– Canada

Rhonda Murphy

– Edmonton, AB, Canada

Richard Smith

– Ottawa, ON, Canada

Robert Slabodnik

– Sedro Woolley, WA, USA

Sebastiaan Dönszelmann

– Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shannon Bourbonnais

– Vancouver, BC, Canada

Shannon Steinhoff

– Lockport, MB, Canada

Sophie Gammon

– Victoria, Australia

Sophie Thorne

– Perth, Australia

Sylvia Duckworth

– Toronto, ON, Canada

Tim Dittrick

– Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Vicky Mercier

– Toronto, Ontario

Wim Gombert

– Groningen, Netherlands